Proceedings of the International Conference of Health, Nursing, and Education (ICHNE) are publications provided by STIKES RS Baptis Kediri. STIKES RS Baptis Kediri in supporting Tridarma Pendidikan for Lecturers and Researchers. ICHNE is expected to accommodate well-standardized scientific publications in scientific activities. ICNHE contains a collection of scientific articles from various scientific approaches to nursing, health and education. This proceeding is an important tool for lecturers and researchers in publishing scientific articles on the results of their research. The research results in the form of applied research will be very beneficial for the community. ICHNE proceedings can be one of the efforts in accelerating the dissemination of information and application of research results. Implementation of research results in each health service can be a new milestone and renewal of the quality of health services. STIKES RS Baptis Kediri facilitates the International Conference of Health, Nursing, and Education (ICHNE) activities to contribute to the sharing of nursing knowledge, health and education. STIKES RS Baptis Kediri motivates every lecturer and researcher to continue to do new things in every study and can be applied in every health service.